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AB 815

Bill Number and Name AB815 An act to add Section 41826 to the Public Resources Code, relating to solid waste.
Primary Sponsor Assembly Member Aguiar-Curry
Proposed Changes/Summary
The proposed legislation would incentivize cities, counties, and regional agencies to implement dual-stream curbside collection instead of single-stream by finding that any jurisdiction that has adopted dual-stream has made a “good faith effort” to implement source reduction and recycling, and is therefore not subject to administrative civil penalties for non-compliance with local diversion mandates contained in Section 41780 of the Public Resources Code.

Deposit Value

•Remains unchanged

Redemption System

• Remains unchanged

Legislative activity

3/04/19 Referred to the Committee on Natural Resources.

CRI Activity

CRI submitted a letter with comments about this bill on March 28, 2019

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