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H. 175

Bill Number and Name

H.175 An Act related to Expanding the Bottle Bill

Primary Sponsor

Representative James McCullough

Proposed Changes/Summary

At the time of its implementation in 1973, Vermont’s bottle bill did not include non-carbonated drinks, a drink which now comprises half of the state’s beverage market. H. 175 would update the program to include non-carbonated beverages.

The bill formally included a provision that would also increase the deposit value on all non-alcoholic beverages from 5¢ to 10¢, keeping up with inflation and increasing redemption rates. This was removed during one of the bill's amendments.

Deposit Value

•5¢ USD

Redemption System

• Updated to include non-carbonated beverages

Legislative activity

4/21/2021 Read First time in Senate and referred to Committee on Rules.
4/16/2021 Read Three times and passed in House.
4/16/2021 Third amendment by Rep. Gregoire disagreed to.
4/15/2021 Read Second time. Three instances of movement to amend the bill; first two amendments passed (see House journal here). Third reading ordered for the next day.
4/2/2021 Referred to Committee on Appropriations per Rule 35(a).
3/09/2021 Referred to Committee on Ways and Means per Rule 35(a).
2/03/2021  Read First Time and Referred to the Committee on Natural Resources, Fish, and Wildlife.

CRI Activity

CRI submitted a letter of support for H. 175 on 25 February 2021. CRI then presented testimony in front of the House Committee on Ways and Means in support of H.175 on 9 March 2021. CRI has also submitted anticipated revenue projections upon the passage of H.175, analyzing the bill’s modernization of Vermont’s beverage container program.


Lasted Updated on 10 May 2021.

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