Bottle Bill Resource Guide

What is a bottle bill?

  • A bottle bill, or container deposit law, requires a refundable deposit on beverage containers to ensure that the containers are returned for recycling. In this section, you can find out how bottle bills work and their history. Learn More

Benefits of bottle bills

  • From reducing litter to increasing the economy, container deposit systems offer a number of benefits. Learn about them here. Learn More

Myths and Facts

  • The beverage and grocery industry, and other groups who oppose deposits, frequently try to thwart their passage or get them repealed by propagating half-truths and misleading information. The Myths and Facts section offers another viewpoint. Learn More

Bottle Bill FAQ's

  • If you have questions about bottle bills that you haven't found answered elsewhere, the Frequently Asked Questions page is a great place to start. Learn More

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No time to read this whole website?

View the PowerPoint presentation instead. Container Deposit Legislation: Past, Present, Future provides a quick look at the most important facts about bottle bills. This presentation is also a great tool for activists needing to present information in support of a bottle bill.